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A Cotton & Brass Holiday: The Ornaments

December 21, 2011

At Cotton & Brass we love nothing more than beautiful simplicity.  While we all share some things in common, we are still 4 girls, with 4 individual senses of style.  As an exercise this year, we took 2 simple concepts and each made it our own.

The first was a plain clear glass ornament.  We each picked some up (I found mine at Target in a pack of 9) and filled them with whatever we pleased.  Some of us couldn’t stop with just one.

Ideas for Clear Glass Ornaments:

  • Fill with bits of nature (pinecones, pine, sticks, feathers, dried flowers, etc.)
  • Cut shapes out of colored felt
  • Fill your ornament with glitter (glitter makes everything better)
  • Stuff a length of tinsel in the ornament (depending on how much you put in there, you get different effects)
  • Fill the ornament with lace or patterned fabric.
  • Gently roll up a small photograph and insert it into the ornament (not pictured)
  • Don’t forget about the outside of the ornament.  Wrap ribbon around the glass or around the top to add some color.
  • The top of the ornament is another opportunity to make it special.  Rather than a typical wire hook, try twill tape, lace, glittery string, fabric, rope (plain cotton or the colored nylon  type), chain, etc.

All photos property of Cotton & Brass and Christa Kimble Photography.
If you would like to share these, please credit Cotton & Brass.


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