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Growing a Flower Cutting Garden

April 16, 2012

Allow me to preface this post with an honest confession that I do not have a green thumb. Plants usually die under my watch (or lack thereof). However two years ago I tried my hand at a flower cutting garden and was amazed at how well it worked out. Step by step here is how I managed to keep fresh flowers on the table for an entire summer.

• Buy a seed mix. I highly recommend Botanical Interests’ Grandmother’s Cut Flower Garden

• Prep the flower bed by pulling any weeds and tilling the soil.

• Once the threat of frost is gone (mid may for central Ohioans) spread the seed mixture and gentle rake into the soil. Water thoroughly.

• Be patient. It will take a while for things to actually start blooming. If you can’t wait (like me) I recommend planting a few seedlings spread through out. My favorites are dahlias and zinnias.

• Weed about every other week once things start to bloom and you can decipher what is a flower. Lightly fertilize if the greens are dull.

• Don’t feel guilty cutting blooms. As long as you cut single blooms and not the entire stem you will actually encourage more growth and buds.

• Enjoy and share!

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