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Coffee Sack Gardening Tutorial

May 29, 2012

Coffee Sack container gardening for potatoes

Mark and I are city apartment dwellers with a lovely yard (almost bigger than our tiny apartment). This year I mustered up enough courage to dig a small garden but the vast majority of my plants are still in containers. The very helpful owner of City Folk’s Farm Shop gave me the brilliant idea of using coffee sacks for my root crops. Just a few weeks after planting my little potato spuds and plopping them in our parking spot they have burst up up and up.

Since the potatoes were so successful I have moved on to using the coffee sacks for flowers and large herbs as well.

Coffee Sack for container gardening

1. Ask your local coffee shop for their extra coffee bean sacks.

rolling coffee sack for container gardening

2. Roll the sack down about half way (depending on how deep the roots go).

potato spuds

3. Fill with soil and your seedlings/seeds/spuds. I like to layer with rocks at the bottom, rich composted soil in the middle, and topsoil on the top.

4. Water occasionally, container plants dry out much faster than plants in the ground.

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