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Father’s Day Printable

June 12, 2012

Every year Father’s Day seems to sneak up on me. I’m not sure how that’s possible–it’s the month after Mother’s Day (which I always remember, and properly plan for), and I am very lucky to have a great relationship with my dad. And yet, every month, I wait until the week of (if not the day of) to properly plan out what to get my pa. Perhaps it’s because he’s impossible to shop for–(he doesn’t drink, wear a tie to work, care too much about golf or any athletics, and he and rarely sits around watching tv…tools and cars he can get into, so there’s that…) When ever I ask him what he wants, he assures me he has everything he needs. Makes it impossible. If you’re in a similar boat, here’s a snazzy Father’s Day card, so there’s one less thing to think about. For me, I think I will treat my dad to breakfast and a day filled with everything he needs (me!)

Happy (early) Father’s Day!

fathers day printable


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