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DIY Live Wreath Tutorial

December 1, 2012

diy live wreath

Before I buy the tree, string the lights, or even play the Christmas music I hang the wreath. It’s my way of welcoming in the holiday season. This year I decided to make my own. I wanted something very simple. Maybe something you would have seen even eighty years ago.


1. Gather your supplies: lots of live greenery (I used white cedar – you can find a whole glossary on the craft queens website), florist wire, florist sheers (or just really strong scissors), a wreath hook, and any accessories you want to add in.

2. Bundle the greenery into 5 or 6 little bouquets and wrap the bottom with the florist wire.


3. Lay the bouquets upside down and place in to a rough circle to get an idea of where you want to attach them and how big the wreath is going to be.

4. Attach the bottom of one bouquet to about the middle of the next using the florist wire. Repeat until you have a full circle.


5. Flip over and access the shape and what hanging pieces need wired in.

6. Work your way around wiring the strays and make sure to step back every now and again to make sure the shape looks good.

Embellish, hang and enjoy!


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