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12 Days of Cheer Day 2: Simple Decor Ideas

December 3, 2012

holiday decor

Everyone loves a well decorated house and a tree full of tinsel for the holidays, but lately I have been leaning more towards less is more, trying to get creative with what I already have, and creating traditions for years to come. To me it makes the holidays more meaningful, and my house  cozy and charming.  Here’s some budget friendly ideas to spruce up your spaces this December…

  • Vignette of Vintage Ornaments: I selected a few of my favorite, most treasured ornaments and made a simple arrangement on my mantel next to a fragrant bouquet made from greenery clippings.
  • A Simple Wreath: modifying this wreath tutorial, I made a wire frame by tracing a dinner plate two to three times with floral wire until I got a ring that felt sturdy enough to use as a base. I bought some inexpensive Eucalyptus (under $5!) found in the supermarket flower section (any winter greenery will do),  and took a bit of time and patience to bend and secure the sprigs and secured with floral wire until I got the look I liked (it will be a bit lopsided until you get greenery around the entire frame). Just remember the floral wire, and the patience. Adorned with a few acorns (or small bows, bells, pine cones, or small ornaments), and you have a simple, beautiful wreath.  Use leftover clippings to make small bouquets or use to top presents.
  • Think Small: This year I decided to forgo the large pre-cut Christamas tree and instead opted for a 3ft Baby Blue Spruce potted tree (found at my local nursery) for $20. Best part is that I can keep in inside after the holidays, or plant it in my yard when spring comes. To give it more height, We set the potted spruce on our antique side table, and swaddled it in a festive tablecloth. Add lights, and it definitely feels like a Christmas tree.
  • Glittered Accents: A bit of glue and glitter makes anything more festive. I cut out circles from last years Christmas cards, strung them onto twine,  and added a bit of glitter to make a simple garland.  A collection of pine cones, rolled in glue, then glitter, and tied with a bit of string, and I had some lovely new ornaments to decorate my little tree. Groceries and craft supply stores usually carry bags of pine cones this time of year, or go foraging in your yard or local park and see what you can find.

holiday decor

  • Snowglobes: I had my eye on these little guys, but opted to make my own. All it takes is a clean mason jar, a collection of odds and ends to put inside (in this case a clipping of winter greenery taped and glued to the lid of the jar, and a handful of glittered acorns) followed by a healthy dose of white glitter. Close the lid, shake upside down, and its instant happiness.
  • Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments: Cinnamon Ornaments are super easy to make…I used this tutorial…and they fill your house with the BEST fragrance for winter. I plan to use mine for gift toppers, but am currently housing them in an impromptu Tablescape with a bit of linen, twine, a favorite cake stand, and jars of pine cones running down the middle of my dining room table.

holiday decor

  • Paper cut Snowflakes: Coffee filters are the usual go to for paper cut snowflakes, but since I used a Keurig and a French Press in my house, I didn’t exactly have any filters on hand. White cupcake holders worked just as well, and produced itty bitty snowflakes, which is always cuter. Always.
  • Ornaments aren’t limited to the Tree: With a small tree this year, I had a lot of left over beloved ornaments with no home. Don’t be afraid to put them in unexpected areas. I put a bunch of my favorites in a huge glass jar and am keeping them on a side table for all to see. Have fun with it, and get creative!

How are you decorating your home this year? I’d love to hear your traditions and ideas…

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  1. December 3, 2012 9:22 am

    Oh I for sure trying those cinnamon applesauce ornaments next weekend! I have the cutest animal cookie cutters and Jared LOVES the smell of cinnamon.


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