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12 Days of Cheer Day 3: Small Town Tourist Winter Offerings

December 5, 2012


Sunless evenings and frigid air make it easy to hole up for the winter. I have spent entire seasons hibernating under a blanket in front of a television. That’s until my brief stint in Southern California made me appreciate the difference in seasons. Now I look forward to opportunities to get out of the city and enjoy the end of another year. And who knows, maybe I’ll just end up creating a family tradition.

*Train Day Trips: Enjoy themed Christmas Trains in central New York or a Polar Express in Colorado.

*Holiday Festivals: Annual Christmas by the Sea Celebration in Maine and Festival of Lights in West Virginia

*Winter Sporting: Skiing is so much better when Yurts are involved – Yurtski backcountry lodging & skiing in Montana, or learn how to snowboard in Michigan

*Not-So-Extreme Winter Sporting: Winter Roller Coaster in Ohio and Toboggan Run in Indiana

*Nature: Ice fishing the Great Lakes and Elk Viewing in Oregon

And if your still not into the winter thing you can always hole up with a change of scenery at a local Bed and Breakfast

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