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12 Days of Cheer Day 6: DIY Gift Ideas – Animal Magnets

December 12, 2012


Today we have two DIY gift tutorials for you. The first is easy peasy animal magnets and is sure to get a smile from the receiver. Full disclosure: This project freaked me out a little because I thought that I would need to cut each tiny figurine in half with a band saw. Now I know my way around a woodshop better than most but it has been a few years. So you can imagine the delight I had when I realized that most of them could simply be snipped in half with sharp scissors.

cb-christmas-1001 copy



* small animal figurines (I got a great deal on a pack of them at Joann Fabrics)
* sharp scissors (you may need a band saw if your figurines are too hard)
* spray paint
* strong magnets

Step 1: Gather and choose which critters to use

Step 2: Cut the small animal figurines in half (be careful!) with sharp scissors &  spray paint  a solid color (optional)

Step 3: Hot glue a strong magnet onto the back

That’s it!

All images property of Cotton & Brass and Christa Kimble.  You are welcome to post, pin or share, but please link back and give credit where credit is due.  Thanks!


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