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Wax on Snow Recipe

January 6, 2013

Wax on Snow supplies

wax on snow bubbling

wax on snow

This is a summer tradition for our family. My grandmother boils down maple syrup from our cousin’s farm while little fingers and mouths wait anxiously over pans of snow. When I was a kid we would eat it until we were sick. Today we don’t give the kids that chance. I decided to try my hand at it for New Years Eve Brunch.

The snow is pretty important. It should be packed down icy snow (almost like slushy ice). If it’s to fluffy the hot syrup will sink right through it. One trick it wait until you have a few snows right in a row and dig down the first one. Another trick is to just use a slushy machine.

• 1 cup maple syrup (you’re going to need the real stuff)
• a tall pot
• small tupperware container of clean snow
• candy thermometer (optional)
• pan of clean snow

1. Bring the 1 cup of maple syrup to boil in a tall pot. It’s going to bubble up and you want to let it reach the “soft ball” stage. This is when it’s thick enough that it drizzles off the spoon, not drips. Or 230 degrees on a candy thermometer, around 20 minutes into boiling. Don’t let it go past this!

2. Test the “wax” on the small tupperware container of snow. When it’s ready it will firm up into a taffy like texture once it cools on the snow. Ideally you can stick a fork in it and swirl it around the prongs.

3. Once the tester passes pull the wax from the hot burner and drizzle onto the pan of snow. You should be able to get a couple rounds from one pan.

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  1. January 6, 2013 1:11 pm

    Interesting recipe! Thankfully we still have a bit of snow left here in Columbus, I will have to try this sooner rather than later before it all melts!

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